Prague Bike Polo


When we’ve got a squad worked up, we’ll announce the location of the first Prague Bike Polo Unfriendly

Rules, grabbed from NYC Bike Polo and altered by TheMicah

1. We’ll play 3 a side until Prague mans up

2. Goals are set 1 bike length apart

3. Each game lasts 10 minutes, or until one team scores 3 goals

4. A goal is only scored by a mallet-end strike, not a sweep, kick or bounce from another part

5. Any bike with any gearing may be used

6. Like-like contact is allowed, but intentional or grievous like-unlike contact results in being kicked out for the rest of the game

7. Costumes and fake blood are allowed

8. Substance use/abuse will be tolerated

9. The ball remains in play if bounced off an object/person outside the field of play

10. The ball remains in play if passed through the goal from the reverse side

11. The field of play shall be 40 cubits by 80 cubits. Or about the size of 2 tennis courts, if we can find them

12. Automatic time out in case of compound fracture or muscle detachment. Otherwise, no time outs

13. One foot ground contact is allowed, but no part of the body can be in contact with the ground while shooting on goal

14. Regulation mallets = aluminum ski poles with PVC gas pipe. No golf clubs, no open ended mallets, no sharp shit sticking out


One Response to “Prague Bike Polo”

  1. wondering if anyone is playing polo this weekend, sept 26/27th ??? let me know

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