Pistola bikes is hosting the first annual Prague Alleycat on Halloween day (October 31st). The ride starts at 4pm at Hospoda U Veverka, on Eliasova 14 in Prague 6. The rules are: fixed or single speed bikes compete only – others may ride, but can’t win prizes. Each competing rider must pass the check points which will be distributed at the event to finish. No other rules apply.

This is not sanctioned by the City of Prague in any way shape or form. There will be no police escort and no road closures. Costumes are encouraged.


In response to lots of questions, the entry fee is now waived, but there won’t be any T-shirts. The course will be approximately 10km long, and will cover most of the center of the city. The bit about “no brakes” is hyperbole – you can use brakes if you want, but you’ll stand a better chance of winning if you don’t use em 😉

To sign up, leave a comment here and you’ll be contacted.


8 Responses to “Alleycat”

  1. How long is it going to be, roughly?

  2. On the flyer is no brakes but in the post is fixed or single, so how is then?

  3. hey micha, no brakes is a must?

  4. super, I want to attend…

    help me to build up a gelery on FB –

  5. hey guys,
    I’m in. Also, I can offer a cycling cap and a bag with bunch of stickers (trick or treat) for the winner. Let me know.

  6. Hi, I´d like to sign on 3 fixies from Pardubice. thx

  7. i will come – i am 99percent sure – have to decide if i will ride fixie or if i will flip the rear wheel to ss… 🙂

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