We all r weeners!

This weekend was massive for biking in Prague. We started off with a few hours of kolopolo up on Letna, which is getting to be a regular established thing. This time, the Lord General Manager of Douchington’s extra large Volvo cockwagon wasn’t parked in our court, so we really let loose, watching Koen score like 18 goals in a row and arguing over whose team would get him next. It was surreal and it brought many of us to the very edge of doubting that things are right with the world. As you can see, my iPhone has the extrasensory “Gozer-vision” filter which plainly shows an elevated concentration of pinkish, stay-puft douchiness hovering above the city:


The view from the top

After exhausting ourselves in the cold for a few hours, we meandered over to U Veverka to have some goulash, some beers and a look at the map before the Alleycat got underway. The turnout was great, with 18 racers coming from all over Prague and the rest of the Republic as well – check out some more photos by Dave here. The race went well, with no major injuries recorded. Rob and Patrik came in 1st and 2nd respectively, with yours truly following up with a respectable 3rd, despite a really bothersome fake beard.


Really, the 3rd place made me feel kinda good, even though, you know, the podium was filled with the organizers. For one thing, I complain way more than the other riders involved, which actually slows you down when you’re riding on account of my mouth filling up with air. For another thing, I’m Way Older ® than the rest of the racers, as was brought up afterwards, so it’s good I didn’t, you know, keel over from a heart attack or something.

After the race, we decamped to Jama and had a ton of beer, which left me feeling really super on Sunday for the drive out to Mezinikam to pick up my new used bike – this beautiful old Zbrojovka. I haven’t had time to take it apart yet, but plan to do so and get it powdercoated and replace all the broken bits. I think the company stopped making them before WWII, so this bike is officially “pretty old”  🙂

As an added bonus, I discovered a place in the Czech Republic where the GPS doesn’t register – it’s somewhere between Pardubice and Chrudim, if you must know, and the roads are so confusing they don’t even bother to put up street signs. I swear I thought I was in the middle of some sort of slow motion apocalypse, where everything was paved and painted with traffic cones. It didn’t help that it was night, and the high-beams of my Classic 1987 English Professor Vulva Mobile don’t extend much further than 75 feet ahead of the car. I don’t know what is going on out there, but they really have to get that shit online if they want to be all European and such. The only functional highway in the Republic suddenly shits the bed about 20km from Hradec Kralove, which left me in the middle of an industrial quarry area on an unlit path. Weird, and different… But, I came back with this:



~ by themicah on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “We all r weeners!”

  1. Welcome to East Bohemia 😀
    I suppose, that it was new road between Pardubice and Chrudim. My GPS also shows, that I’m driving through the field

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