Wednesday KoloPolo and Another Reason to Ride Bikes…

So tomorrow is the “Founding Day”, a national holiday here in the Shire. To celebrate, the city fingerbangers are considering scrapping the Open Card system – an abortive little attempt to make the local public transport ticket system make sense. As it now stands, the system “works” on sort of an honor basis. You buy a ticket (if you can figure out what the proper fare is) then validate it at one of the barely noticeable yellow boxes hanging around the vestibule and on trams. Then, a ticket inspector may or may not approach you and ask to see a validated ticket. These inspectors have no power (aside from the uncanny ability to sense when foreigners don’t have a ticket), and aren’t even allowed to physically restrain you should you choose to run away. Like all brownshirts, however, they often get a bit overzealous in the performance of their duties.

Now most sane people would say: put a bloody turnstile at the entrances which don’t open unless you scan/validate/proffer/palpage a ticket. Problem solved and everyone pays. But no, that would not be the right way, for some reason we would probably have to go back to the 18th century “Rules and Regulations of the Bohemian Protektorat” to answer. About a year ago, they introduced some cockamamie scheme involving a rechargeable card suspiciously like London’s Oyster card. Of course, they made it impossible to charge the thing without having a personal assistant or being unemployed – a tried and true method of conducting commerce in the Shire. They further enhanced the experience by making sure that there was only one, tiny little validation stand at each metro entrance, which were immediately covered by stickers advertising some shit-ass techno party or other. Vee tay tay.

Anyway, we’ll be celebrating the holiday tomorrow at Letna park, so come out and play:



~ by themicah on October 27, 2009.

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