Teh Awakening

So despite the musings of the Bike Snob, the Fixed Gear “culture” is not closed in Prague! As we all know, things move a bit slower around here and fashion is certainly one of those things. Observe the following scientific chart, assembled by our experts:


As you can plainly see, Fixie hipsterism has yet to become a closed culture in the Czech Republic. Drivers and bikers are not part of that list of things that move slowly, of course, which makes me all proud and happy to present to you:


It’s a blog, it’s a community, it’s a culture! Sa. da. tay.

What are we trying to do here, you ask? I can’t tell you, or I’d have to kill you, but rest assured that it is very cultural and involves getting more people on bikes. We might even end up getting an award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Prague American Embassy for helping to spread the meritorious Western Kultur.

The comings and goings at Gattaca have kept me nasty busy these days (I know some of you had hoped I finally got leveled by a mobile-phone enhanced Honza, but dream on). I’ve been riding, I’ve been working, I’ve been sleeping. Surprisingly, the cold weather makes everyone grumpy, but grumpy like the bear:


Not grumpy like Daniel Day Lewis:


This results in less confrontations and “words”, although the fallout is that I am barely able to get out of bed most days for want of sunlight. All is well. Budapest this weekend. Hasta la cultura siempre.


~ by themicah on October 23, 2009.

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