This is Knog the Glove you’re Looging for.

So I guess, caveat emptor, or whatnot. I’ve heard good things about Knoggers, so let’s see what they think of a whining naysayer from the sweaty armpit of Europe…

Hello Knog,

I’m running the bike polo club and attempting to get a shop off the ground here in Prague, Czech Republic, which is just to the East of London, where I went for the Bike Film Festival and European Polo Championships and to buy a pair of your 8 Ball gloves from Brick Lane Bikes. I have to admit, actually, I just ended up buying the gloves and a couple of your lights as sort of a spur of the moment side project – it wasn’t really part of the agenda. Anyway, I tried them and liked them – I’ve been using a pair of Trek’s short goat leather gloves for years and although I love them, they have a certain smell…
Back in Prague, I’ve been riding for a week and my fancy new gloves split right down the side seam. I’m including a picture for reference. I wasn’t doing anything weird when it happened, just skidding to a stop, and I heard a very unwelcome sound. I’ll be honest again; I thought it might have been my shorts. It wasn’t. It was my new Knog 8 Ball gloves. Checking your website, I now see that I might have been operating the gloves outside of their proscribed comfort zone:


Much to my own chagrin (and most likely another self-sown seed of my own discontent) my circumstance was entirely different. In fact, my wife has scolded me for attempting to use my Knog gloves as they were intended. Again, perhaps my fault for choosing such a picky woman, but she seems to me well above average in all other respects. Here’s a picture of my Knog gloves now. As you can see, they are entirely unsuited to their purpose and no longer able to perform their intended function.

Note the man hand flesh peeking out suggestively from the thumbal area

Note the man hand flesh peeking out suggestively from the thumbal area

The result of trying to use these gloves in their current condition could be downright shocking.


I don’t know if you have some sort of replacement policy, but I’d be eager to know it, as it will also dictate wether we will stock your clothing and bags in our shop this spring. I myself am an American, but the Czech folk who will likely be my customers really, really don’t like it when women look at them like that. Anyway, thanks for your attention, and I hope we can figure something out with this. Basically, and all Photoshop skillz aside, I feel like the gloves were pretty weak. I don’t know if it was just my pair that had some bad thread, but the seam shouldn’t bust apart like that after less than a week of riding.

Yours in complaint,


~ by themicah on October 8, 2009.

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