The Indian Summer’s Eve of Goodness

I know, I’ve drifted so far from the initial mandate of complaint given to me by my gentle readers and WordPress, but things somehow just keep getting better. Despite the iDnes reports of 20 degree temperature drops, the sky is blue and clear and it’s actually warm outside. What with the strong wind and the occasional scent of roasting hops wafting across Karlin, it almost seems like things are… dare I say it… good?

Rob and I finished the first batch of polo mallets this weekend and have been playing every evening at the Narodni divadlo breezeway. True, we had to battle the skaters and BMX kids for the spot, but it’s ours now, so come on out and play! The first experiment yielded some sour results – evidently the tubing we used for the mallet heads was a bit thick and Rob’s exuberance resulted in a busted spoke. He got it rebuilt on Monday and we were back at it. I shot a tiny little bit of video of making the mallets and will post it as soon as I have time to capture and cut. For the moment, however, Gattaca calls. It turns out that some other guy posted on London Fixed Gear asking for players in Prague, so it looks like we might actually have a few teams together at this point, which is damned exciting. It’s like getting to Tesco and seeing that they have taco shells in the international section and there’s not a chatty American girl in sight.

In other news, Prague TV has posted the listing for our Alleycat on Halloween. Would be great to get a whole gang of people to come out, and to that end we’re considering dropping the entry fee (and t shirts, unfortunately). If the weather sticks around, it’s going to be a load of fun. If the weather sucks hard, we can always vote to stick around at U Veverku for some tank Pilsner.

After a couple of months (no, really) I got the Halo Twin Rail Courier tires from Chain Reaction in the UK. They look pretty smooth, although white is a pretty silly choice for tire color. They perform 100% better than my old slicks, which lost traction if I rode over a puddle of bug spit… These things hold fast, feel smooth and make a wicked weird noise when skidding – something like a largish cat trapped under a car. It makes the folk on the tram stops jump anyway, and that’s what counts. If you can track them down anywhere, I absolutely recommend them, especially if you’re riding over cobblestones, storm drains and tram tracks…

But, you ask, has there been douche? But of course, this is Prague, after all. Problem is, the sun is shining at the moment and I can’t be bothered. Funny thing how that works…


~ by themicah on October 7, 2009.

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