More bikespotting by Mikko

Mikko spotted some nice vintage rides at Critical Mass the other day, here are some on his photos. Weird thing is, the cooler the old vintage ride, the haughtier the rider. Note the “what do YOU want?” look on the guy’s face riding the Colnago. Might have something to do with the matching socks. Nice bike dude, but lighten up! Like 19 year-olds on a school trip to some Greek island, we’re on a mission to have some group fun, and scowling ain’t gonna get their skirts off.


~ by themicah on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “More bikespotting by Mikko”

  1. I have to comment on the Colnago owner’s cap. FAG? Tell me you photo shopped it.

    • Sadly, no. The country that brought you “Fucker” bus tours and the ausfahrt proudly presents:

      “A Tradition with a Bright Future: FAG Bottom Bracket Bearings
      For over 120 years, the Schaeffler Group – along with its FAG brand – has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision rolling bearings. One of our company founders, Friedrich Fischer (who became known as “Kugelfischer” (Ball-Fischer) for his unrivaled ability to make perfectly round metal balls for ball bearings) knew as far back as the 19th century that ball bearings are actually synonymous with energy efficiency. After all, the purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce friction, which, in turn, consumes less energy. Consequently, his first bearings were mostly installed in – what else? – bicycles.”

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