Critical Mass in Prague?

They call it “Cyklo jizda” and it has a police escort, but other than that, it’s just like Critical Mass. About 2000 people showed up for this ride, I reckon, which did a hell of a job on the Sunday traffic in town. It really is incredibly refreshing to be riding down the magistrala without a car in sight, being able to pick out the bumps that wake me up every morning and not having to just hold my breath and keep pedaling. You can actually breath… Just imagine…

The rest of the afternoon was well spent up at Namesti miru, where about four blocks were closed to traffic for a street festival. There were a few food tents, a few bike shops and the AutoMat tent, and of course, pivo. I counted 8 fixies on the ride and snapped some pictures. Two or three nice old Favorit conversions. The weather was perfect, and a bunch of us sat on the grass and got loaded. The question on our lips pretty much all afternoon, watching huge crowds of bikers rolling happily by, was: “where did all these people come from?” Granted, most were on “mountainy” bikes that probably come out 4 or five weekends a year, but there were a ton of city bikes out there. Are these weekend warriors, or is there some big, secret underground bike commuter trail I’m missing out on? It’s be nice to see some of these people out on their rides even without a police escort, although the escort certainly makes it feel a bit safer.


~ by themicah on September 21, 2009.

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