The Sneakers that Make me Ride Faster


Via  Sneakerfreaker

On my mountain bike I always rock my sweaty old Shimano SPD sneakers, which rock because of the stiff soles and tight lace-up. Wearing special shoes to commute in, however, kind of blows. There is the hassle of working out which pair of proper shoes I have stored in the closet at Gattaca, for one thing, and then there is the age-old problem of offending my co-workers with the rank smrad of 3 year old biking shoes that have trod the dirt of three continents.

I bought a pair of Chuck Taylors (for about 70 f*cking US dollars – the last pair I bought cost $19) and figured the problem solved. How wrong, Micah-san, how wrong. The seams are already splitting, for one thing, which makes them footweara non grata in our high-powered client meetings, and they are already developing a peculiar musk which I’m not entirely comfortable with. Also, they are just so… Berlin. Full disclosure: I love Berlin. I love the people, I love the city. BUT, you can’t rock coast to coast without some major facelifts, and I’m just not that into my “culture”, I guess.

That brings me to these shoes. Unavailable as of yet, they will help me ride faster and better. They have bionic insoles that reduce odor while firming my calves and increasing core stability.

They are available in muted colorways.

They are Samba, so they can rock client meetings and critical mass rides, then carry on rocking all night whilst listening to electroclash.

Bring it on – for $200, how could I choose otherwise?


~ by themicah on September 18, 2009.

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