No no, it don’t stop

Instant update: I was just informed by Prague’s dumbest husband that his bovinal wife has the right of way when turning right onto a main thoroughfare. Let me consult that with my bullshitometer… Hm. Nope, smells like Prague douchewater to me: musky, with hints of sweat and mamas boy.

After following me with her horn on, I caught up to her high holiness at a traffic light and we had words. Tomorrow morning their silver Toyota Avensis managermobile may or may not have windows, which I would really caution my readers against taking into their own hands. It’d be a shame, and it would make me sad: after all, it’s our road to share, and I’m sure the douche is only skin deep.


~ by themicah on September 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “No no, it don’t stop”

  1. Hi,

    Happy to hear that someone is riding a fixie in Prague! I just moved to Prague and will reside here for the upcoming year. I rode fixed in Antwerp and Rotterdam the last year and been addicted so far. I brought mine with me, but haven’t had the chance to test the impossible car drivers here. Are there more fixed riders in Praha or are you a lonely wolf?


    • Hehehe… “Lone Wolf” isn’t really how I’d describe myself. Maybe more of a Lone Badger. But nearly lone, yes. As far as I know, there are two other fixie riders in Prague. One of them is in France at the moment, but coming back here in October. We’re planning to change that, though 😉 The drivers, as you can see from my blog, are bloody menaces. Sadly, this affects every outdoor situation you’ll encounter in the city, from walking to driving. Good to know you’re here! If you feel like it, there’s a free Goran Bregovic concert on Old Town Square tonight at 7 – come out with your bike and I can show you around a bit after the show!

  2. Come on down! If it doesn’t rain, it’s gonna be great. If it rains, it’ll be great and wet!

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