Now who’s the douche?

That’s right, it’s me this time. By complaining with such fluidity and ease, I didn’t mean to exempt myself or set myself somehow ABOVE others. To prove it, I must admit to the following: On Friday night (Saturday morning, technically speaking) I did knowingly and douchingly commit the crime of bike crashing whilst loaded. I got cocky and tried a one handed skid in the middle of an unnamed, but wide road. I fucked up, locked up and got bucked up. Up and over the handlebars and onto the pavement, which I smeared with a healthy frosting of my skin.

It’s good, in a way. I got up and brushed it off, which somehow made me feel not so old. Lesson learned, and the final outcome is that I a) got lucky and b) still am young enough to deal with some scrapes without calling the whaaaambulance.

I tried to redeem myself yesterday. I was sent to Hamburg for business and managed to go check out Suicycles shop. The place is excellent. Suicycles is to bike shops what the Svijany brewery is to beer – you get the feeling that you’re in the presence of some sort of unclassifiable, inebriated genius.You don’t know who to blame, and you like it like that. My one criticism – the new gear that was strewn around the shop wasn’t priced and the guy who told me what things cost seemed eager to try a bit of the old Laotian Chinese Market Voodoo on me. I weren’t having it, bought some new pedal cages to replace my battered Soma’s and headed back to Der Kancel.

Hamburg itself was a hell of a surprise. Nice city, bikes everywhere. Hope to get back there real soon. I’ll see if I can’t get loaded and wreck my bike on Doucheweg street.


~ by themicah on September 8, 2009.

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