How’s your girl?

It’s Friday in Prague. If the weather holds, I’m off to check out the Velodrome in P10. If the weather doesn’t hold, I’m off to drink a lot of whiskey in some dark place. All hail.

There was a tiny incident this morning on the way to work, hardly worth mentioning really, but it was kind of funny. As I rode up Jecna between the rows of idling manager-mobiles, I got sandwiched when a woman tried to ease her way over into the next lane. No harm no foul, she used her signal and it just sort of trapped me until the light changed, but the funny thing was, she glanced at me in the rear view and rolled up the window immediately. Don’t think I was looking thuggish this morning, but who’s to say. Weird times, weird times.


~ by themicah on August 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “How’s your girl?”

  1. hey micah, greetings from another singlespped posenger fighting hard on the streets of prague. nice blog there (joey told me about it). keep rollin’

  2. We’re going to make them! Here’s a short how-to:

    As for the complaining, these boots were made for walking, son… Unless it’s Joey talking, in which case you should tell him to stop being douchy!

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