Beaten down by the International Man

I’m getting old, you must understand, which might explain why I want to buy this truly boss cap from Son of Son:

Boss Cap

Maybe I just want to buy it because it is boss, but probably I’m getting old and need to cover my shame.

Anyway, I was denied. My fashion craze of the moment was shut down cold by the monster tentacles of international capitalist pig business. PayPal, it turns out, will not support shipping to the Czech Republic. As we only just got vegetables (other than cabbage and Eidam cheese) in ealry 2001 I can understand their reticence, but honestly, business is a place for dreamers right?

Let’s hook it up, PayPal, or we aren’t pals any longer. You might just be a DouchePal in disguise, helping yourself to a lane and a half of OUR road.


~ by themicah on August 18, 2009.

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